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2017 CHIA Conference

Join us this week at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas for the California Homicide Investigators Association‘s annual conference.


The mission of the California Homicide Investigators Association (CHIA) is to provide investigative support, training and networking opportunities to homicide investigators, prosecutors and death investigation professionals throughout the Western United States.

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OHIA 2016 Major Crimes Conference

ohi-logoLaw enforcement personnel and death investigation professionals from the Pacific Northwest will join the Oregon Homicide Investigators Association this week for the 2016 Major Crimes Conference, September 27-29 at The Riverhouse on the Deschutes in Bend, Oregon. In addition to vendors and social events, the conference will feature case study based presentations on topics including the death of a K-9 partner, solving a cold case, murder for hire and more.

Homicide investigators from Oregon and all throughout the United States rely on the accurate, secure and confidential services provided by Net Transcripts. Our expert typists produce verbatim transcriptions of interviews and phone calls, as well as dictated reports, case notes, summaries and supplements. We also transcribe and translate foreign language recordings into English, including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and virtually any other language. Contact us today to find out how Net Transcripts can help your agency to save valuable time and resources by outsourcing your transcription and translation needs.

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2016 CDAIA Training Conference

cdaia-logoDistrict Attorney Investigators, peace officers, prosecutors and other district attorney personnel will join the California District Attorney Investigator’s Association this week for the 2016 CDAIA Training Conference, September 20-22 at the Allegretto Resort by Ayres in Paso Robles. Topics to be discussed include improved investigative techniques for homicide investigations, outlaw motorcycle gangs, infiltrating the mafia and more.

When it comes to transcribing interviews and statements to be utilized in criminal proceedings, Net Transcripts is the top choice for criminal justice professionals throughout California, as well as hundreds of agencies nationwide. District attorneys and their investigators trust us to uphold our 98.8% Accuracy Guarantee, turning recorded audio and video into actionable evidence and allowing investigative personnel to focus on the crucial tasks that lead to a conviction. Contact Net Transcripts today to learn more about increasing investigative efficiency for your agency by leaving the typing to us.

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Police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have created an entertaining video to deliver some helpful holiday tips:

Hopefully, these safety tips will keep The Grinch away for everyone this holiday season, but a few criminals will inevitably manage to steal someone’s Christmas. When holiday disasters strike, police departments across the nation can count on Net Transcripts’ fast, reliable and accurate service to help solve cases quickly and efficiently. Officers and administrative staff can spend less time typing and more time spreading holiday cheer.

Contact us today to find out how Net Transcripts can help your agency to lower costs and save valuable time by transcribing your dictated reports, recorded interviews and more!

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Recent turmoil across the globe has led to an increasing migrant population in the United States. The Obama administration is planning to relocate 10,000 people from Syria alone in the next year, which some local government officials see as a potential societal and economic boon. While there has been some pushback from several groups of concerned citizens throughout the country, the general consensus is that an increasing number of refugees will be starting new lives in American cities both small and large.

Refugee women learning English

Refugee women learning English as part of employment readiness training run by the International Rescue Committee in Tucson, Arizona. Photo courtesy of Peter Biro/IRC.

New residents often equate to new challenges for law enforcement, as a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies indicates that 21 percent of U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home. The largest percentage increases from 2010 to 2014 were among speakers of Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Hmong, Gujarati and Persian. Speakers of Spanish and Tagalog also had large numerical increases during this time period. Meanwhile, sanctuary cities across the nation refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials in turning over immigrants who are in the country illegally, even as a recent report by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement found that 58 percent of illegal immigrants still at large between January and September of 2014 had prior felonies or violent misdemeanors.


With our vast network of resources for virtually any language, Net Transcripts is a proven solution for law enforcement agencies requiring transcription and translation of foreign language recordings and other communications obtained throughout the course of investigations. We can also translate any public notices, announcements or other written documents from English into a variety of languages in order to improve communication between public safety officials and emerging ethnic communities. Contact Net Transcripts today to learn more about the various translation and transcription services we provide.

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2015 Washington Homicide Investigators Association Conference & Expo

Washington Homicide Investigators AssociationHomicide investigators, analysts, prosecutors and other law enforcement professionals from the state of Washington and regions of the Pacific Northwest have joined the Washington Homicide Investigators Association (WHIA) in Shelton, WA for the organization’s Annual Conference and Vendor Expo, May 13 – 15, 2015. The annual event – now in its third year – sets itself apart by replacing instructional lecture with high-profile and varied case studies, led by the investigators and prosecutors involved with the cases. The schedule for 2015 draws on “lessons learned” from prominent homicide investigations in Oregon, Tacoma, Seattle, Massachusetts and Canadian provincial capital Regina. The three-day series of presentations is complemented with a vendor expo or relevant products and services, as well as evening networking opportunities.

Net Transcripts serves homicide investigations across the nation with fast, accurate and confidential transcription of high-profile recordings obtained from the interview room, wire taps, jail calls, and more. Our services expedite the investigative process and help turn recordings into evidence to prosecute criminals in court. Send us an info request to learn more about how our services can benefit your department.

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2015 Arizona Problem Solving Courts Conference / 2015 WAHI Annual Training Conference

Net Transcripts representatives will be busy next week meeting with attendees at events across the nation during the 2015 Arizona Problem Solving Courts Conference in Prescott, AZ (April 27-28) and the 2015 Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators Annual Training in Wisconsin Dells (April 28 – May 1).


The Problem Solving Courts Conference invites criminal justice and law enforcement professionals, psychologists, social workers, and any others involved with Arizona’s courts to attend a two-day series of educational sessions. The event is co-hosted by Arizona State University’s Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (CABHP) and the Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals (AADCP). As a resource for professionals in problem-solving courts, the conference addresses topics on mental health, drug abuse, and treatment. Our transcription services are well-suited to the needs of caseworkers and attorneys seeking court-ready transcripts of interviews with offenders and victims. Net Transcripts is also equipped for 24-hour or faster return of transcription of dictated notes or narratives taken during the course of an investigation.

Visit here for more information on transcription services for criminal justice agencies.


Wisconsin Association of Homicide InvestigatorsNet Transcripts will also be exhibiting at the 2015 WAHI Annual Conference to present our transcription services to homicide investigators attending the 4-day event. The annual spring conference offers training through a series of case studies and presentations.

Homicide investigators use our services for fast, accurate, and secure transcription of recordings captured at the crime scene or during the course of an investigation. By using our smartphone app or dial-in dictation line, investigators can submit dictated reports or interviews for transcription immediately from the field. Additionally, recordings can be uploaded to our online Transcript Management Center from any desktop computer. Net Transcripts utilizes CJIS-compliant security protocols and strict personnel standards to protect the confidentiality of files throughout the transcription process. Learn more about transcription for investigations here.

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Slide to Unlock Without Warrant: Supreme Court Reviews Police Search of Cellphones

Law enforcement may be able to access phone contents without warrant. Photo credit

Law enforcement may be able to access phone contents without a warrant. Photo credit

Yesterday, the Supreme Court began its review of a hot issue in privacy and technology – the right of law enforcement to conduct warrantless searches of seized cellphones.

Current law allows personal possessions to be inspected without a search warrant if the individual is taken into custody with the item on their person. In the presented cases, two men were arrested– David Riley in 2009 for possession of concealed weapons, and Brima Wurie in 2007 for selling cocaine – but further investigations of information contained in their cell phones implicated them in additional criminal activity. Riley’s phone contacts and messages tied him to a gang-related drive-by shooting and enhanced his sentence, but after Wurie’s phone revealed his home location and discovery of a stash of additional drugs, his conviction was overturned when evidence obtained from the searched phone was thrown out in court.

For law enforcement, the unimpeded ability to access data on seized mobile phones would prove crucial for investigations in a digital age. The U.S. Justice Department and State of California argue in favor of the searches, identifying cell phones as a tool for criminals to communicate, record and store unlawful activity.

But privacy advocates, including the American Civil Liberties Union, urge the Supreme Court to establish the requirement to obtain a warrant before investigating the personal, private space of a mobile phone, in the same way law enforcement officials would need a warrant to enter a home.

Mobile phone information already serves as powerful evidence in court, and Net Transcripts’ services can provide verbatim transcription of voicemails, phone conversations, videos, or other recorded audio obtained from cellphones for use in investigations and criminal prosecution. Net Transcripts also translates instances of Spanish or other foreign languages that appear on mobile devices, including text messages and even social media posts. Learn more about transcription solutions for law enforcement.

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2014 Annual Training by the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators

Wisconsin Association of Homicide InvestigatorsThe Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators (WAHI)  presents the 2014 Annual Training Seminar in Appleton, WI, April 22nd through April 25th. Expert trainers will present this year on the topic of juvenile homicide and death investigations. Net Transcripts will have the opportunity to speak with WAHI members and attendees from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies about transcription services for homicide-related investigative reports and interviews.

For more detailed schedule information, please view the WAHI 2014 Annual Training flyer.



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Law Enforcement Takes on Social Media

Social Network Law Enforcement

Law enforcement’s newest partner is a bit talkative, but promises new and efficient methods in communication and investigation.

More agencies are utilizing social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to broadcast information to subscribers and investigate suspicious activity by delving into social profiles. POLICE Magazine’s technology blog captured this budding partnership with an illustrated infographic on the ways police departments are utilizing popular social networking service Twitter.  Since the first police department Twitter account was created in 2007, close to 3 million users now follow various department accounts and receive updates on anything from criminal activity to weather alerts.

In addition to connecting with followers, law enforcement agencies utilize sites like Facebook as a tool for criminal investigations, combing for persons of interest and identifying criminal activity. A 2012 infographic produced by LexusNexus highlights percentages of investigative activities conducted through sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and gives us a glimpse of the growing relationship between criminal investigations and social media. As the infographic notes, 2/3rds of the polled participants believe investigation through these websites helps accelerate crime-solving.  Law Enforcement professionals cited the inability to access social media during work and lack of user knowledge as the main reasons these websites aren’t used more often in investigations, rather than the belief that the information is useless.

When patrolling online, law enforcement officials can access incriminating photos, status updates and other information that individuals make public on their profiles. Accessing private information requires more elaborate networking through friends and relatives to see what a suspect might share with them, according to a CNN article on social media and crime-fighting. Illegal activity can also be surprisingly visible on popular social mobile applications like Instagram, where drug dealers have been known to utilize specific hashtags to communicate with potential buyers.

For law enforcement agencies looking to jump in on online investigative action, specialized resources such as websites and conferences aim to help introduce users to effective strategies. The SMILE Conference – Social Media the Internet and Law Enforcement, held most recently this September in Omaha, NE– proposes to engage and inform professionals with social media applications, from crime prevention to connecting with locals. Websites like ConnectedCops feature articles on current and upcoming media sites and apps, composed by a panel of writers in the law enforcement profession.

As agencies continue to develop social networking as a strategic tool, we’ll see new challenges – and more than a few achievements – in the way law enforcement communicates and investigates online.

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