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June 2017 Conferences – FIAIA and TCDLA

Join us this week in Clearwater Beach, FL, and San Antonio, TX, where we’ll be attending the annual conferences for the Florida Internal Affairs Investigators Association (FIAIA) and Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA).

The Florida Internal Affairs Investigators Association (FIAIA) has developed uniform professional standards, provided training to stimulate professional growth and development, created a forum for discussion of common internal problems, and much, much more. If you are interesting in more information about FIAIA and this year’s conference, please visit their website.

A bit to the west, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) is celebrating their 30th year with the Rusty Duncan Advanced Criminal Law Course. Throughout the week, there are four different planned “tracks” which will discuss issues ranging from “Social Media in the Courtroom” to “Cross Examination of a Child.” The TCDLA aims to “protect and ensure by rule of law those individual rights guaranteed by the Texas and Federal Constitutions in criminal cases.” If you are interested in learning more about the TCDLA, please visit their website.

For those involved in the law enforcement and criminal justice efforts similar to the FIAIA and TCDLA, Net Transcripts is the ideal solution for fast, secure, and confidential transcription and/or translation of recorded interviews, phone calls, text messages and more. If you are interested in more information about  Net Transcripts’ services, feel free to contact us.

If you’re in San Antonio or Clearwater Beach, please feel free to stop by our booths this week and say hello!

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12th Annual IAPro and BlueTeam Users Conference




Public safety personnel from Professional Standards, investigative and criminal intelligence units are attending the 12th Annual IAPro and BlueTeam Users Conference this week, October 18-20 at the Monte Carlo Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. IAPro is the leading Internal Affairs/Professional Standards software used by law enforcement agencies across the USA, Canada and Australia. The conference includes sessions supporting advanced usage of IAPro and BlueTeam, customer feedback and Q&A sessions, networking opportunities and more.

Transcription of interviews and statements for Internal Affairs investigations can be extremely sensitive, requiring the utmost attention to accuracy, confidentiality and chain-of-custody. As a longtime alliance partner of IAPro, Net Transcripts is the top provider of secure, accurate transcription for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Our customers find comfort in having their sensitive material securely transcribed outside of the department and the local community, thereby removing any potential conflict of interest. Sign up today to experience the many benefits of utilizing Net Transcripts.

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Next Week: 2014 IAPro User Conference & 2014 National Internal Affairs Investigators Association Conference

IAPro and NIAIA Conferences 2014Next week, Florida will draw law enforcement professionals from all over the country to attend prominent Internal Affairs training and user conferences. Net Transcripts is proud to participate as a vendor in both the 10th Annual IAPro and BlueTeam Users Conference and the 2014 Annual National Internal Affairs Investigators Association (NIAIA) Conference.

Net Transcripts provides hundreds of internal affairs and professional standards investigators with transcription of confidential recordings. As these interviews and other recorded material are often sensitive in nature, outsourcing transcription to a secure environment helps remove concerns of unauthorized access to files or conflict of interest within the department and community, and reduces staff workload. Every user that uploads recordings to Net Transcripts is given unique login credentials for their secure account. Our customers can safely and securely send and receive files meant only for their eyes within our online Transcript Management Center.

CI Technologies, Inc is the developer of leading professional standards software IAPro and BlueTeam, which support 500 agencies worldwide with managing supervisory issues and police department integrity.  The 2014 IAPro Users Conference invites current customers and anyone interested in learning more about the software to participate in basic and advanced training and review new features. The conference will take place November 4 – 6 in St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

The 2014 Annual Conference hosted by the NIAIA will take place the same week, November 3 – 6 in Tampa, FL. The training schedule includes presentations on investigative interview skills, ethical policing, specific case studies, and more.  As a growing professional association, the NIAIA is committed to creating standards for internal affairs investigators, providing training opportunities, and encouraging the development and integrity of internal affairs units.

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School Cancelled in Washington Due to Good Weather

Well it looks like we will be in Washington for the WHIA Conference just in time to catch the tail end of the nice weather.  Although being based in Tempe AZ has its perks, as we do get our fair share of nice weather here as well.  Although I don’t think we cancel school for nice weather days, if we did, we probably would only have a 70 day school year.

This is Net Transcripts 3rd year sponsoring the Washington Homicide Investigators Association (WHIA) and we are excited to attend their 1st Annual Conference in Shelton, May 8th – 10th.

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2012 National Internal Affairs Investigators Association

Net Transcripts is a proud supporter of the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association. We wanted to give a big thank you to our hosts in Orlando, FL and to all the departments from across the country that were represented here this year.  We look forward to supporting their investions with our confidential transcription services!




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