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Police and law enforcement oversight in the modern era is an increasingly complex and popular topic, with all signs pointing toward the widespread adoption of body-worn cameras for officers and other personnel who regularly make contact with the public. A recent poll shows that 76% of Millennials in the United States support mandatory body-worn cameras for police officers. Meanwhile, this technology continues to gain popularity throughout the public sector, including administrators at a school district in Virginia who are set to begin recording interactions with students.


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The benefits of body-worn video include more plea deals and less court time, a reduction in citizen complaints and allegations of misconduct, and increased accountability for both officers and subjects of investigations. However, there are many challenges inherent in adopting new technologies, such as financial concerns surrounding purchasing agreements with vendors, as well as costs associated with data storage and equipment maintenance. Despite the popularity of these programs nationwide, many citizens also have concerns about the implementation of policies and procedures regarding when and how recordings are captured, and the degree of control officers have over these devices.

Another major consideration for agencies utilizing body-worn cameras is the question of access to recordings; in other words, who gets to see the footage, and when? Some city and state governments have made these recordings public almost immediately, while others have exempted body-camera footage from public records requests. Several states have begun passing laws regulating the release of body camera videos, although many officials question whether legislation on such matters is even necessary, citing the desire of different agencies to forge their own policies and guidelines to meet their individual needs. Ultimately, decisions on when and how to release these videos will have to balance the need to comply with public records requests while simultaneously protecting sensitive information, such as the identities of adult and child victims, witnesses, and other parties present during police contact.

Agencies looking to solve problems related to data storage and the release of videos can turn to transcription as a viable solution. Net Transcripts is the leading provider of confidential transcription and translation services to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies throughout the nation. Our professional typists will accurately transcribe body-worn video recordings, producing valuable evidence which can be easily redacted to protect sensitive information while satisfying the need for disclosure. We can also translate any foreign languages spoken in a recording, providing valuable context to the events captured by a body-worn camera or other recording device. Please contact a representative for more information regarding the quality, security, and user-friendliness of the services provided by Net Transcripts.

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CDAA National Body Cam Technology & Policy Summit and Expo


Policy makers and leadership personnel will join the California District Attorneys Association this week for the National Body Cam Technology & Policy Summit and Expo, February 22-24 in Garden Grove, California at the Hyatt Regency Orange County. Topics for the week include practices and case law related to facial recognition, privacy issues, chain of custody for evidence, data security and more. The event will also feature exhibits from vendors in related fields such as body-worn cameras, drone technology and data storage.

Net Transcripts can turn your body-worn video into professionally typed, accurate transcripts. Our Web-based Transcript Management Center provides an encrypted method of transfer while tracking the chain of custody to ensure the security of your data. Contact a representative to learn more about our user-friendly, confidential transcription solution.

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VIEVU Integrates Net Transcripts Transcription Services into VERIPATROL Video Evidence Management System

VERIPATROL software by VIEVU allows audio and video to be sent to Net Transcripts for transcription.

VERIPATROL software by VIEVU allows audio and video files to be transcribed by Net Transcripts. Photo via VIEVU

Reduces public safety workload; delivers accurate and efficient transcription from secure and encrypted video evidence

SEATTLE, WA – April 29, 2014 VIEVU the industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for law enforcement, security, and emergency responders, today announced a partnership with Net Transcripts to integrate transcription and translation service into VERIPATROL, its highly secure video evidence management software, to provide rapid and cost effective transcription from video evidence collected in the field for later use in the courtroom.

Agencies continue to deploy police-worn BWV cameras as studies continue to show its benefits, including a recent study of the Rialto PD in CA illustrating an 88% decline in complaints filed against officers, and a 60% decline in use-of-force. VIEVU cameras are used by more than 3,100 law enforcement agencies including Oakland PD, Houston PD, Dallas PD, Atlanta PD, and Phoenix PD.

“We have enhanced the process of body worn video evidence collected in the field by offering an investigative tool of efficiency and accuracy that is courtroom ready. By integrating Net Transcripts into VERIPARTROL, officers can quickly upload encrypted crime scene footage or interviews. Then through our software, users can securely request transcription or translation from files stored in the database,” said VIEVU President Steve Lovell.
Additional benefits include:

  • Chain of custody tracking for single and multi-speaker transcription
  • No upfront costs or commitments with an online management center
  • Expedite turnaround, email notifications and live customer support.

The recently released VIEVU LE3, is a highly secure HD video camera, designed for law enforcement and was built not only to capture the best forensic video evidence possible but also to make operation simple with its large slide on/off switch for easy activation in stressful situations.

VERIPATROL, its accompanying software, installs in standalone, network, mobile or cloud-based environments; and can also be securely integrated through an advanced SDK into existing video systems or other video management platforms (i.e. dash cams, interview rooms or other third party software, et al).

VERIPATROL exceeds current evidence standards and prevents tampering, editing or deleting video using a FIPS 140-2 compliant file authenticity process. It also prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen.

LE3 is available for $25/month per camera, including VERIPATROL. For more information, additional specs/requirements, please click here.

About Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts is the nation’s leading provider of secure Web-based Transcription and Translation services for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice. Serving hundreds of local, State and Federal agencies nationwide, Net Transcripts has an impressive list of references that have come to trust the proven investigative efficiencies, operational improvements and significant budgetary savings – all without any upfront investment or commitments of any kind. More information is available at: www.nettranscripts.com or call: 800 942-4255


Made for Cops by Cops, VIEVU is the leader in body worn video (BWV), providing a secure, high-resolution video cameras for law enforcement, security, emergency medical services and retailers. Built on police experience, VIEVU body worn video cameras are used by more than 3,100 law enforcement agencies in 16 countries. VIEVU received the highest score in an evaluation of body worn video by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For information please visit www.vievu.com.

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Net Transcripts Featured by IWCE Urgent Communications

“Whether it is a 911 call, interrogation of a suspect or dictation of a routine traffic stop, accurate transcription of spoken language into written documentation is a key component of the law-enforcement and justice systems. It also is the specialty of Arizona-based Net Transcripts.”

Click here to read the full article on Net Transcripts‘ services for law enforcement, published by Donny Jackson at IWCE’s Urgent Communications. You can also read about body-worn video developer and industry leader VIEVU, and how we’ve partnered to provide full transcripts of video recordings captured with VIEVU devices.

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Agencies Opt for Body-Worn Video


Police departments nationwide have been outfitting with an unblinking eye on crime.

While not yet a permanent addition to the lineup of uniform gadgets, the body-worn video camera is being rapidly adopted by agencies who feel that capturing video of police-citizen interactions often leads to more positive encounters. When coupled with services from Net Transcripts that quickly produce transcriptions of captured recordings, this technology also offers a significant increase in investigative efficiencies.

Current models of on-body video cameras are typically the size of a pack of cards, and clip to the chest. Certain types provide a thumb-sized lens clip that can be mounted on areas like shirt collars, sunglasses or helmets. Once activated by the officer, the device can capture high-resolution video and audio of anything from traffic stops to violent confrontations. Video files can be reviewed locally or uploaded to secure cloud-based storage, offered by body-worn camera manufacturers such as VIEVU and TASER International.

Agencies who have worked with on-body video herald its usefulness in aiding and even preventing investigations. When interactions with police offers become the subject of citizen complaints, law enforcement professionals can simply review video of the encounters to investigate claims.  False accusations of officer misconduct are easily resolved with this technology, as Doug Willie notes in his case study of Arizona’s Lake Havasu Police Department. In several incidents, Lake Havasu officers were swiftly cleared from unfounded complaints by review of captured video, including cases where citizens chose not to file a complaint entirely after learning the interaction had been recorded.

Proponents of body-worn video also confirm improvements in police-citizen interactions when the camera is present. When faced with a video device, citizens are more aware of their behavior toward officers, who are kept accountable for their actions.

The popularity of body-worn video cameras have propelled the technology into the law enforcement spotlight and enticed departments countrywide to outfit officers. Agencies adopting the technology will be faced with new challenges, such as policing use and integrating a system for reviewing and managing an influx of digital files. However, body-worn cameras have proved their worth in facilitating positive interactions and eliminating investigations into complaints, and will continue to be developed as a viable and successful tool for law enforcement.

Leading body-worn video manufacturer VIEVU is the developer of the popular LE2 camera model and corresponding VERIPATROL file management software. VIEVU and Net Transcripts have partnered to offer the integrated ability for full transcription and translation of audio captured with VIEVU’s body-worn video cameras. For law enforcement agencies seeking to maximize department productivity, the ability to review and utilize verbatim audio-to-text transcriptions from body-worn video technology accelerates the investigation process. For more information on VIEVU’s partnership with Net Transcripts services, please view the press release here.

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