CDAA National Body Cam Technology & Policy Summit and Expo


Policy makers and leadership personnel will join the California District Attorneys Association this week for the National Body Cam Technology & Policy Summit and Expo, February 22-24 in Garden Grove, California at the Hyatt Regency Orange County. Topics for the week include practices and case law related to facial recognition, privacy issues, chain of custody for evidence, data security and more. The event will also feature exhibits from vendors in related fields such as body-worn cameras, drone technology and data storage.

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2016 CDAA Winter Workshop


District Attorneys and other Criminal Justice professionals throughout the State of California will join the California District Attorneys Association this week for the 2016 CDAA Winter Workshop at the Monterey Marriott, January 19-22 in Monterey, California. This week’s schedule includes committee meetings and training on a host of topics, as well as luncheons and roundtable discussions designed to foster the exchange of information and innovation in the criminal justice field.

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Police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have created an entertaining video to deliver some helpful holiday tips:

Hopefully, these safety tips will keep The Grinch away for everyone this holiday season, but a few criminals will inevitably manage to steal someone’s Christmas. When holiday disasters strike, police departments across the nation can count on Net Transcripts’ fast, reliable and accurate service to help solve cases quickly and efficiently. Officers and administrative staff can spend less time typing and more time spreading holiday cheer.

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200x137xgoldstandardsnew11.png.pagespeed.ic.pNqupOB2o3Law Enforcement professionals from across the nation will join the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) for their Fall Conference this week at the Hyatt Regency at Miami Convention Center, November 18, 2015 through November 21, 2015. CALEA’s Accreditation Programs are designed to improve public safety services in all aspects, including formalizing management procedures, establishing personnel practices, and increasing confidence in law enforcement agencies throughout their respective communities. The conference will feature workshops on a broad range of topics as well as exhibits from a variety of vendors and services.


From dictated field reports to recorded interviews, Net Transcripts provides the ideal transcription solution for law enforcement agencies. Contact us today to find out how our secure, accurate and fast service can help save time and decrease operational costs for your department.

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FHIA logoHomicide investigators, prosecutors, and death investigation professionals throughout the State of Florida will be joining the Florida Homicide Investigator’s Association (FHIA) this week for their annual conference, November 16, 2015 through November 20, 2015 at the Marriott Lake Mary Hotel. The FHIA provides training and information related to homicide investigation strategies and advances in forensics, as well as an environment for networking and discussion among the top investigators and prosecutors in Florida.

Net Transcripts provides accurate, confidential transcription of audio and video recordings obtained in homicide investigations. Contact us to learn more about how we can increase investigative efficiency for your department and help expedite the prosecution of criminals in homicide cases.

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Recent turmoil across the globe has led to an increasing migrant population in the United States. The Obama administration is planning to relocate 10,000 people from Syria alone in the next year, which some local government officials see as a potential societal and economic boon. While there has been some pushback from several groups of concerned citizens throughout the country, the general consensus is that an increasing number of refugees will be starting new lives in American cities both small and large.

Refugee women learning English

Refugee women learning English as part of employment readiness training run by the International Rescue Committee in Tucson, Arizona. Photo courtesy of Peter Biro/IRC.

New residents often equate to new challenges for law enforcement, as a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies indicates that 21 percent of U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home. The largest percentage increases from 2010 to 2014 were among speakers of Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Hmong, Gujarati and Persian. Speakers of Spanish and Tagalog also had large numerical increases during this time period. Meanwhile, sanctuary cities across the nation refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials in turning over immigrants who are in the country illegally, even as a recent report by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement found that 58 percent of illegal immigrants still at large between January and September of 2014 had prior felonies or violent misdemeanors.


With our vast network of resources for virtually any language, Net Transcripts is a proven solution for law enforcement agencies requiring transcription and translation of foreign language recordings and other communications obtained throughout the course of investigations. We can also translate any public notices, announcements or other written documents from English into a variety of languages in order to improve communication between public safety officials and emerging ethnic communities. Contact Net Transcripts today to learn more about the various translation and transcription services we provide.

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2015 Washington Homicide Investigators Association Conference & Expo

Washington Homicide Investigators AssociationHomicide investigators, analysts, prosecutors and other law enforcement professionals from the state of Washington and regions of the Pacific Northwest have joined the Washington Homicide Investigators Association (WHIA) in Shelton, WA for the organization’s Annual Conference and Vendor Expo, May 13 – 15, 2015. The annual event – now in its third year – sets itself apart by replacing instructional lecture with high-profile and varied case studies, led by the investigators and prosecutors involved with the cases. The schedule for 2015 draws on “lessons learned” from prominent homicide investigations in Oregon, Tacoma, Seattle, Massachusetts and Canadian provincial capital Regina. The three-day series of presentations is complemented with a vendor expo or relevant products and services, as well as evening networking opportunities.

Net Transcripts serves homicide investigations across the nation with fast, accurate and confidential transcription of high-profile recordings obtained from the interview room, wire taps, jail calls, and more. Our services expedite the investigative process and help turn recordings into evidence to prosecute criminals in court. Send us an info request to learn more about how our services can benefit your department.

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Fighting Crime from the Sky: Drones and UAVs for Law Enforcement

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are being used by more police departments. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are being used by more police departments. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

Across the nation, drones are taking off.  The devices – also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs – are popular with hobbyists for piloting and capturing aerial footage, and have been positioned by corporation giants such as Amazon as a method for delivering goods to consumers. While drones have also been used for illicit activity such as smuggling drugs past border patrols or airlifting packages to inmates over prison fences, the devices also have imminent potential as a tool for law enforcement operations.

Drones can be an eye in the sky for search-and-rescue, providing an advantageous viewpoint while protecting the search team from hazardous conditions. The aircraft can also quietly and efficiently search for individuals at large – such as escaped inmates – and provide intel to officers necessary for search warrants. For SWAT team operations, piloted drones can enter dangerous situations ahead of officers to gather visual intelligence, or deploy non-lethal munitions to incapacitate violent criminals.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are already using drones in limited capacities. In February of 2015, the Michigan State Police became the first agency certified to use drones anywhere within state boundaries. Typically, law enforcement use of drones must be approved through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which awards a Certificate of Authorization for a designated area only. The state police agency has already purchased one drone for $158,000 and is training to deploy the device to scout for missing individuals, as well as to take pictures of traffic accidents, fires and disasters for use in investigations.

Other law enforcement agencies are working to prepare policies for use of UAVs and testing newly-purchased equipment. The Jackson, MS Police Department recently displayed the devices for a demonstration in April, but is still considering the implications of purchasing and putting the UAVs to use, according to the Police Chief. Another early adopter in October of 2014 – the Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department (ND)– was the first law enforcement agency given permission to fly the devices at night. The fleet of four aircraft has been used in 11 missions so far, primarily to provide a new perspective on traffic accidents and in one instance, to hunt fugitives thought to be hiding in corn fields. Internationally, UAVs have been used in policing in India, Sweden, and other countries. The UK’s Sussex Police has been awarded an amount roughly equivalent to $380,000 to try out the devices, heralding the technology as a safe, effective intelligence-gathering tool in situations where patrols are dangerous for the officers.

Police use of drones has gathered controversy that sometimes keeps the devices grounded, however. Civil rights groups have opposed the use of the aircraft by law enforcement without proper guidelines, citing concerns over abuse of mass surveillance of citizens. As demand for the devices for crime-fighting grows, police agencies will need to develop protocols for use that address these concerns.

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2015 Arizona Problem Solving Courts Conference / 2015 WAHI Annual Training Conference

Net Transcripts representatives will be busy next week meeting with attendees at events across the nation during the 2015 Arizona Problem Solving Courts Conference in Prescott, AZ (April 27-28) and the 2015 Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators Annual Training in Wisconsin Dells (April 28 – May 1).


The Problem Solving Courts Conference invites criminal justice and law enforcement professionals, psychologists, social workers, and any others involved with Arizona’s courts to attend a two-day series of educational sessions. The event is co-hosted by Arizona State University’s Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (CABHP) and the Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals (AADCP). As a resource for professionals in problem-solving courts, the conference addresses topics on mental health, drug abuse, and treatment. Our transcription services are well-suited to the needs of caseworkers and attorneys seeking court-ready transcripts of interviews with offenders and victims. Net Transcripts is also equipped for 24-hour or faster return of transcription of dictated notes or narratives taken during the course of an investigation.

Visit here for more information on transcription services for criminal justice agencies.


Wisconsin Association of Homicide InvestigatorsNet Transcripts will also be exhibiting at the 2015 WAHI Annual Conference to present our transcription services to homicide investigators attending the 4-day event. The annual spring conference offers training through a series of case studies and presentations.

Homicide investigators use our services for fast, accurate, and secure transcription of recordings captured at the crime scene or during the course of an investigation. By using our smartphone app or dial-in dictation line, investigators can submit dictated reports or interviews for transcription immediately from the field. Additionally, recordings can be uploaded to our online Transcript Management Center from any desktop computer. Net Transcripts utilizes CJIS-compliant security protocols and strict personnel standards to protect the confidentiality of files throughout the transcription process. Learn more about transcription for investigations here.

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Recent Officer-Involved Shootings Urge Acceptance of Body Cameras

An officer's body-worn camera records a traffic stop. (Photo Courtesy: AP Photo/Jim Mone)

An officer’s body-worn camera records a traffic stop. (Photo Courtesy: AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Within a day of the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, a 50-year-old man shot in the back while fleeing Officer Michael Slager, the North Charleston mayor vowed body cameras for the city’s entire police force.

Video evidence captured by a bystander shows Slager dropping his stun gun and firing eight shots at the fleeing man, who had just stood up from a tussle on the ground. Slager had initially stated that he feared for his life and shot in self-defense after Scott attempted to take his weapon, but the video tells a different, more irrefutable story – one that would have been lost without a camera present.

It isn’t the first time officials have pushed for body cameras to capture officer’s interactions in the wake of a controversial officer-involved shooting. The August 2014 fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO incited protests and violent riots nationwide, and pulled law enforcement under the spotlight of intense scrutiny. Officer Wilson claimed he shot in self-defense after a struggle over his weapon, but in the absence of video evidence to support him, investigations were drawn out as witnesses offered different and conflicting accounts of what had transpired.

Ferguson Police Department officers appeared on the streets wearing cameras within a month of the controversial shooting. Prominent body-worn camera creator VIEVU said sales for the technology increased 70% in the aftermath of Ferguson, as departments rushed to reduce the risk of a similar controversy.

State law enforcement in South Carolina will receive 50 body cameras for testing over the next two weeks. While Governor Nikki Haley maintains that issuing the cameras is unrelated to the Walter Scott shooting in North Charleston, SC, the Department of Protective Services assures citizens that they are providing the latest body-worn video technology, training and evidence management to officers “in light of recent high-profile incidents.”

The White House has also shown its support for body cameras with a funding project for $263 million toward purchasing over 50,000 of the devices for police departments nationwide.

Body-worn video cameras help keep officers accountable for their actions, but also exonerates them in incidents where citizens make false accusations.

For departments currently utilizing body-worn cameras or agencies who have just adopted the technology after recent news, Net Transcripts offers transcription of video captured from nearly any device. Receiving transcripts of video can accelerate investigations and aid in evidence management. Contact us to learn more about transcription of body-worn video.

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