CDAA District Attorney College and Winter Workshop

cdaalogojpg75_reasonably_small1-123858_225x220For the week of January 26th through the 30th, Net Transcripts is joining the California District Attorneys Association and attending prosecutors in Long Beach, CA as an exhibitor at the District Attorney College and Winter Workshop. The event features presentations designed to address the roles and responsibilities of the District Attorney, as well as specialty topics and meetings for investigators, administrators, and other members of the DA’s office.

Net Transcripts serves over half of the District Attorneys in California with confidential transcription and translation. Accurate transcripts are often essential to a conviction, but typing recordings can overwork staff and create a transcription backlog that impedes agencies in meeting court-mandated deadlines. We offer an ideal transcription solution to clear this backlog and handle all types of ongoing criminal and administrative investigations. Net Transcripts specializes in multi-speaker interviews and interrogations, as well as jail calls, body-worn surveillance, and many other recording types, including translation of Spanish and other languages.

To learn more about our legal transcription services for criminal justice agencies, visit Net Transcripts.