Do you use Skype and Evernote?

If so check out this useful app from the Skype app store called Callnote that will allow you to record and save your Skype calls and video chats to Evernote.  It has got lots of cool features such as


  • Save voice recording as an Evernote note automatically.
  • Record up to 8 participants simultaneously.
  • Includes participants’ names in the note.
  • Includes call time and call duration in the note.
  • You can choose the note to be sent to Evernote automatically as soon as recording stops.
  • You can choose to be asked for approval before sending the recording to your notebook.
  • You can choose for recording to start and stop automatically when the call starts/stops.
  • You can manually start/stop recording at any time.
  • You can select the destination Evernote notebook.
  • Use the voice recordings from your hard disk for other purposes
  • Set the frequency for purging recording files from your hard drive automatically.


Furthermore, you can take it a step further and send this recording to Net Transcripts for a verbatim transcript of the call.  It is saved as an .mp3 file in Evernote.  To access it simply open Evernote on your PC, right-click on the recording, select Save As and save it to your Desktop or any other folder that is convenient.


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