Beware of Dictation Applications

Apple’s new iPad is great, as long as you don’t drop it.  Sure it may run a little warmer than normal, but that’s a small price to pay for all the new features.  One of those new features is a dictation button.  Sure, it sounds like good idea, I mean the advantages of dictating over typing are obvious, but has anyone read the fine print on this?  Well it is pretty vague to say the least, but it looks like pretty much all your dictations, or anything said through this app, is basically owned by Apple.  The worst part is that Apple doesn’t exactly say what they plan to do with it.

Well the guys over at ZDnet go over this in more detail.  We seriously doubt that Apple will use your dictations against you.  It is important to remember though, especially if you work in a sensitive environment i.e. law enforcement, that Apple will keep and store your dictations on its servers, and once there on Apples servers they pretty much belong to them.


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